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Parent involvement in the education of their children: tips

Parent involvement in the education of their children: tipsDo not leave the education of your children entirely up to the teachers. There are things that you can do that will both improve and enhance your child’s education as well as bring your family closer together.

Most research shows that parent involvement is positively correlated to a child’s achievement in school.

Time and place – set aside a time and place when and where your children can work on their homework assignments. The time should be quite and the place should be well-lit and clear of clutter. This can be a time that you take a break for yourself (reading a book or cooking dinner, etc.), but a time that can and should be interrupted by your children’s questions.
Discuss – know what your children are learning. Ask them what sort of activities their classroom has engaged in and listen fully to their answers.
Talk to the teacher – go to parent-teacher conferences. Ask and see what your children have been up to all these months at school. If you have a question about your child’s performance and/or other questions, do not be afraid to ask the teacher. Become involved in your child’s education. When give the opportunity to visit classes, go for it.
Encourage – when the works becomes tough, do not let your children give up. Do not simply do it for them. Teach them how to persist!
Support school activities – chaperone a classroom field trip; join the PTA; volunteer in the classroom, etc.
Start early – while it is never to late to start taking an interest in your child’s education, the effects will be more powerful when you start early.
Set up a family reading night – you do not have to have one every week. Once a month or even every other month can encourage your child to read and create a family bonding experience.

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